Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well, I failed

I can give you a list of reasons why I was unable to do what I wanted, but I'm just going to blame the Imperial Navy.

I've been working on my Battlefleet Gothic navy for month of April, in an effort to get it done for an upcoming BFG/Apocolypse battle in May. The problem is I haven't any clue what to basecoat my ships. I was going to do Cygnar blue with gold highlights, but since the ships are the older Heresy-era they looked like Tzeentch. I want them to look like the ships may be old, the crews hard-pressed to prove their loyalty, but Emperor-damn them, we are His Divine Imperial Navy. Any suggestions.

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Tristan said...

I'd say go grey. Mid tone neutral colour will easily show off nearly any colour. Then I'd say some brownish wash for greasyness and some selective black/darker grey drybrush for damage.

Are you planning to paint ur 40K navy stuff similarly? Can give you some more tips there, above is assuming bfg sized ships.