Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Army Photos

All of my infantry in their foam

My ForgeWorld Valkyrie AAC, which will become my Command HQ transport when the new Codex comes out.

My Vulture, which is configured to hunt down tanks and Independent Characters; twin-linked Lascannons and 2 triple-racks of Hunter-Killer Missiles.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Army Background

The 293rd is a drop-capable mechanised infantry regiment founded in the latter half of the 39th millenium.

In their two-thousand year history, the 293rd went from being a Chimera-borne force to an Valkyrie-equipped Regiment in the span of ten years.

956.M41, Segmentum Obscuras
The Planet of Sextus Prime

An uprising among the miners, normally a trival matter for the local Arbites, has forced a Crusade Warmaster to commit some of his forces. Sextus Prime is a Hive World located spinward of the Draconis Subsector, some 165 light-years past the Gothic Sector, it provides men and material of the Crusade currently being waged in that subsector. The 293rd is part of a force the Warmaster sends to quell the uprising.

Landing on the planet, the 293rd's command staff discovers that the entire planet, except for the 55% water mass that covers the entire eastern hemisphere, is covered in shattered hab-blocks, ruined manifactorium and other shelled and ruined buildings. The regiments Chimera IFV's are useless in the close and rubble-filled terrain, and so are left onboard the Transports used to bring them here.


The Troop Transports used to bring the 293rd to Sextus Prime, which is now embroiled in bitter street-fighting attempting to break through to the Arbites Fortress; are sent back to the Crusade Fleet. The Regiments Heavy Armor support is still embarked on the transports.

966.M41, Crusade Fleet orbiting Sextus Prime

The 293rd, along with the 107th Catachan, 9th Arcanium, and 808th Fen Guard, rotate offworld and are replaced by fresh regiments. The 293rd discover the 'misplacement' of their heavy armor, and are shocked to discover nearly a full wing of Valkyrie Airborne Assault Carriers in their stead.

986.M41, Belix Secundus

The 293rd, due to return home to Cadia for R&R, are diverted to the minor forgeworld of Belix Secundus to respond to an invasion by Traitor Guard Regiments. The 293rd conducts lighting attacks on several key installations, but several units are caught in the massive shipyards above Belix. The fighting is bloody and close, but in the end, the 293rd kills all the traitor guard and rescue several Adeptus Mechanicus Magos. In graditude, the ForgeFathers of Belix give several dozen suits of Shipbuilder armor, modified for war, to the 293rd.

[These will 'count as' Ogryn, and will be my second unit. I plan on use Rackham AT-43 Red Blok Spetsnatz kolossus
[The Ripper Guns are huge rivet guns used to rivet the massive steel plate used in the construction of intersteller starships, and the CCW's are adamantine chainblades use to 'cut' the plates in the correct shape before riveting]

Army Photos

The Command HQ, Colonel Ackerman braving leading his troops into battle.

Commissar Gant

Commissar Weiss, "The Stalker"

Lt. Gates, Fox Company

Sgt. "Mutt", after the death of Sgt. Foster, the troopers of Fox Company, Delta Squad adopted this Cyber-Mastiff as their new sergeant.

Lance Corp. Webber, seen here holding the recovered Bolter he acquired during the Siege of Sextus Prime.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spectral Apparitions

Throughout the History of the Imperium of Man, there are accounts of ghost-like units that have appeared at the height of a Great Battle to turn the tide in favour of the Imperium.

My Cadians, whenever they take to the field of battle, will sometimes see a unit of Adepta Sororitas Seraphim attack their enemies. Any attempt to communicate with them will fail, but troopers have sworn that the Sisters sing hymn's and that their voices are haunting.

I've had a unit of Seraphim laying on my work table ever since the new Sisters were released, awaiting the time when I started a Sisters force. However, the models are too pretty to just let go to waste, so next week when I bring my army cases home, I'm going to make them Jade Green with JadeGreen/SkullWhite hightlights....VOILA! Spectral Sisters of Battle Seraphim(say that ten times fast)

Friday, February 20, 2009

With the release of the new Imperial Guard Codex

I have decided to revamp my current Cadian army. Add new units, and start using mini's I have built but never used because in the current rules; THEY SUCK.

Right now, on the TO-DO list is

  • expand my Hardened Veterans to include a Vox-caster and some special weapons(probably either Melta-guns or Grenade Launchers.
  • get 6 Ogryns, using convereted Blood Bowl Ogres.
  • Ratling Snipers....the new models are DROOOL!!!
  • fill out the two Infantry Platoons I currently have, and add a third Platoon.
  • More Sentinels
  • More Commissars
  • Tank Company HEHE
  • Finished doing the details on my BaneBlade
  • Assemble and paint my soon-to-be-acquired ShadowSword(or whatever)
  • additional Advisors(Master of the Fleet, Master of Ordanance)
  • Write up the Index Militant: 293rd Cadian Mechanised Infantry Regiement(Drop)
So that is the plan, I'm going to get two of my friends to pester me over the coming months to get me off my lazy butt and actually do work. Until Monday, when I'll post photos and some fluff.