Saturday, June 20, 2009

Games Day Canada

I must say I was kinda disappointed at Games Day, however I did get to meet Dan Abnett(who rocks both in person and as a writer), see some really nice Club boards*, and get some Forgeworld Goodies.

The downside is that the FW store didn't have my Cadian Resperator Heads(I asked for them via Email) and there were no open gaming tables. So Graeme and I hoofed it over to the GW Battle Bunker on Yonge and played a game there.

Coming Soon: Lord Commissar, Cadian Forward Recon Troops and The Formation of the 970's.


Tristan said...

Abnett was the real temptation for me. Did Thomas enter a club board? Is that what you guys were chatting about yesterday?

IanBurns said...

Yes, Thomas' board was cool, but there were a couple of others(including some sort of Necron tomb world) that were really nice looking.

This years Games Day didn't have the same attitude that others had.

Tristan said...

Tristan said...

Hey dude, just made an order from GW online as I have a $10 voucher from complaining last time and they have the free shipping dealy on. I emailed asking about specialist stuff as I knew you had problems, and heard that if it's up on the site you can order. I bought 2 boxes of arbites enforcers and a chainsaw skeleton for my blood bowl team.
Oh yea, and if you order $100 you get a free space marine sergeant :)