Monday, March 02, 2009

Five More Days

Until my Shadowsword arrives at THD....drool.

Now, normally, a Drop Troop Company wouldn't have access to any type of heavier equipment, but because the 293rd started as a Chimera-equipped Regiment, they retain their Leman Russ' and Armored Support tanks. How do they get them to the planet you ask?

simple: The Eagle-class Armored Tank Transport, a heavily modified Valkyrie.

My plans for the Eagle

1)Take a plastic Valkyrie
2)Cut away the Troop bay and add two pairs of Vehicle Clamps
3)Paint same color scheme as Valkyrie


natsirtm said...

I like the Eagle plans. Just how many of the planned 6 did you pre-order??

IanBurns said...

I'm only getting one....for now.

It all depends on what people bring to the Apoc table, and what the other four varients do.

natsirtm said...