Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Tale of Major Lionus Hawkins, MC, MrC, HI

Name: Hawkins, Lionus
Rank: Major
D-O-B: 960.M41
Place of Birth: Kasyr Lutien, Cadia

Born on Cadia, Lionus is the typical product of that Fortress World.

He, like all Cadians, was able to fieldstrip a lasgun by the age of 5, and conduct gorilla warfare by 10. Upon entering the WhiteShield Corps, Hawkins was appointed as adjunet to the Commissar-Colonel in charge.

By age 16, he was already a Corp. in the Internal Guard, assinged to staff of the legendary Inquisitor Helena Tiber, Ordo Hereticus.

When Inquisitor Tiber was killed in 984.M41, Hawkins was transferred as the Liason officer of the 75th Armageddon Steel Legion, where he served 4 tours. It was during these four tours, that Hawkins came to the attention of the Dark Angels of the Adeptus Astartes.

Because of his association of the late Tiber(who had knowledge of The Fallen), the Dark Angels soon began to track Hawkins. They wanted to know what he knew. Seven times he was captured, taken back to The Rock and interrogate before he somehow managed to escape each time, much to the chargin of the Dark Angel Interrogator-Chaplains.

Following this, Hawkins returend to Cadia, spend sometime teaching at the Military Academy and on the Military Council. In 999.M41, Hawkins was assigned as the Third-In-Command of the recently rotated-home 293rd Cadian Mechanised Infantry Regiment(Drop).

Shortly afterwards, the entire senior staff was involved in an training accident that result in their deaths as well as those for 175 Departmento Munitorium Adepts. Hawkins was promoted to Major and given command of the 293rd.


Tnoussis said...

Gorilla Warfare eh? MY interrogator Terminator will be back for Hawkins, and soon!

IanBurns said...

In the words of Hawkins himself

"Oh Throne....not again"